Top 8 cheapest New Cars to buy in India 2021

Top 8 very affordable New Cars to buy in India 2021

Choosing the right car for your budget is a challenge and let’s face it, not everyone enjoys driving small vehicles. Fortunately, there are options on the Indian market to choose from no matter how limited your budget happens to be. 

We’ve presented this to make that decision easier when it comes to finding the top cheapest New Cars in India 2021.

Top 8 cheapest New Cars to buy in India 2021

Tata HBX

With the upcoming HBX, Tata Motors is looking to cater to budget conscious consumers who are looking for a stylish small SUV that won’t burn a huge hole in the pocket. Features such as automatic air conditioning and an innovative semi-digital instrument cluster are meant to set the upcoming HBX apart from its competitors while providing drivers with safety, style, and all the impressive features they’d expect of an SUV. 

cheapest car 2021 - Tata HBX
cheapest car 2021 – Tata HBX

With a starting price just over Rs 5 lakhs (ex-showroom), this new HBX model aims to capture both young, urban buyers who are looking for something interesting but aren’t willing to compromise on comfort as well as more practical minded buyers who want some measure of space or additional versatility.

New Maruti Alto

Alto is Maruti’s oldest model, having first been released in 1995. Alto will soon receive a generational change, and it has been made clear by the manufacturer that we expect an all-new second generation to arrive by 2021.

Cheapest car 2021 - New Maruti Alto
Cheapest car 2021 – New Maruti Alto

The new Alto will be based on the Heartect platform; we can expect modern styling for its exterior design, as well as some improvement inside where it matters most: quality of materials and an improved layout to increase what was already one of the best-in-class interiors yet.

Maruti Celerio

Maruti Celerio has been postponed due to the sudden rise in cases. The car was supposed to launch in May, however, with all this news of it being rushed through production, we don’t think that’s a good idea. We expect Maruti will now wait until things are settled down a bit before launching the vehicle so they don’t have any issues with safety as well as reliability when customers receive their vehicles at home. 

Cheapest car 2021 - Maruti Celerio
Cheapest car 2021 – Maruti Celerio

In terms of price and features, rumours suggest that the vehicle will be based on an all-new platform that will be developed especially for the next generation of small cars in India. This customisable platform is called Heartect and was specially made so it can adapt its chassis depending on the needs of each model. Additionally, we also predict Maruti may offer excellent value for money with final pricing of one lakh rupees or less per unit!

Toyota Agya

The Toyota Agya is expected to be a modern and contemporary hatchback for India, with an advanced touchscreen interface and a sleek exterior design. Toyota has not entered the hatchback territory in India since discontinuing its popular Etios sedan . The brand might now be planning a new product called the Agya. So far , we only have suggestions that something may soon be announced ; but the big question hanging around is when it will finally hit the market; and how much it will cost exactly. 

Cheapest car 2021 - Toyota Agya
Cheapest car 2021 – Toyota Agya

One thing’s for sure though: We can expect Toyota’s Indian market chief to make full use of this chance to take it one step closer to Tata’s best-selling Nexon – with more affordability, practicality and safety. No surprise if all of these ladder their way into the car’s final spec sheet as well! We expect The Toyota Agya to start at approximately INR 5 lakh (ex-showroom).

Hyundai AX1

The all-new Hyundai AX1 will be one great SUV. We know it is being developed to be very competitive in price, and that the design team took inspiration from the Venue for both aesthetics and practicality. This makes a lot of sense from our perspective because it’s a product space that Hyundai intends to make their next big profit center in!. 

Cheapest car 20211 - Hyundai AX1
Cheapest car 20211 – Hyundai AX1

Expect Hyundai’s AX1 to have most of the software tech features that make it easier to drive than standard cars, like an infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Honda Brio 

The Honda Brio has been a popular choice with buyers for quite some time, and now the Japanese automaker is bringing us the second generation of this affordable hatchback that will undoubtedly be another huge hit with enthusiasts.

Cheapest car 2021 - Honda Brio 
Cheapest car 2021 – Honda Brio 

Honda presented the second-generation Brio at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show back in 2018 and plans to bring it to India soon!

Hyundai Nexo

Hyundai is planning to launch the Nexo FCEV in India. The Nexo is Hyundai’s upcoming, second-generation fuel-cell vehicle (FCEV) which will be available to customers in selected markets around the world. Judging by a recent report, Hyundai has received type approval for all future models of its vehicles in India and we are expecting the Nexo to arrive in the market sometime during this year. 

Cheapest car 2021 - Hyundai Nexo
Cheapest car 2021 – Hyundai Nexo

But perhaps the biggest challenge for Hyundai with regard to the FCEVs would be finding a more extensive network of hydrogen filling stations since at present there aren’t that many private filling stations and they come at an economically viable cost.

These are Top 8 cheapest New Cars to buy in India 2021. You can consider countless others from various manufacturers within this budget.

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